October 5, 2021

Excerpt: OK BUNGER! The Problem of Generations, pt. 3

The third in a special five-part series on generational consciousness and conflict.
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In this episode, we examine the Baby Boomers – myth and reality. The revolt of the '60s has been misunderstood in many dimensions. Was it betrayed or did it always express capitalist ideology? Were the Boomers the ones who really did the 1960s anyway? And what world have the Boomers created as they passed through life – and institutions?
Guests include:
  • Jennie Bristow, senior lecturer in sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Helen Andrews, senior editor at The American Conservative
  • Josh Glenn, semiotician, author, and publisher of HiLoBrow
  • Jeffrey Alexander, professor of sociology at Yale University
  • Holger Nehring, chair in contemporary European history at the University of Stirling
  • Kristin Ross, professor emeritus of comparative literature at New York University
Original music by: Jonny Mundey
Additional music:
Other Clips:
  • American Pastoral Trailer © 2016 - Lionsgate
  • Mai 1968 © France 3 Paris Ile-de-France
  • Imitation de Daniel Cohn-Bendit © C'est Canteloup
  • Baader Meinhof Complex © 2008

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